23 Nisan 2017 Pazar

Robin Hood's Shoe Store

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 April 2017)

Esenyurt'ta ilginç görüntü: Görevliler indiriyor, onlar elektrik direğine ayakkabı asıyor
             "Do you have Oxfords in a 9D?"

A strange case of robbery from the Pınar neighborhood of Esenyurt
in Istanbul, like the scene in the Tim Burton movie 'Big Fish'.
People seeing the tens of shoes hung on electrical wires in the
neighborhood are left in amazement.

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                           "Big Fish"

All kinds of shoes have been hung, from flip-flops to sneakers to
boots.  The explanation from folks in the neighborhood is
surprising: "someone steals the shoes left at apartment front doors
and hangs them on the wires for those in need to take as they please.
At first there were only a couple of pairs hung and the city workers
came and collected them.  It seems the thieves saw this as a challenge
and stole lots more shoes and hung them on the cables."

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22 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi

Another Bridge Too High

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 22 April 2017)

trend or plot? see recent TNT reporting on yet another too-high 

Rize'de Karadeniz fıkrası gibi köprü
Taken together with the İskenderun too-high bridge, 
conspiracy theorists are hard at work.

Improvement efforts related to the  Değirmen Stream in Rize's
Reşadiye quarter included a 10-meter wooden bridge built over
the stream a year ago.  However, the bridge's access to the adjacent
road was never completed, resulting in a 2-meter gap between the
bridge and the road.

Bridge crossers either brave the gap or turn back.  The bridge was
built primarily for children to be able to get to school more easily (!).
One frustrated resident exclaimed "such a blockheaded thing can't
be! If they're going to do a job then do it right!"

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21 Nisan 2017 Cuma

(Already) Married With Children

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 April 2017)

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Basri A. dealing with the pain of betrayal the morning after.

Basri A. lives in Malatya and on 17 April he wedded a woman
from Şanlıurfa, who has 4 children, in an unofficial marriage ceremony.
Prior to the betrothal, Basri gave the woman 8 gold bracelets, 2 pairs of
golden earrings, 3 gold rings and a gold watch (!).

The morning after the ceremony, though, Basri awoke to find the woman
and the gold (and presumably the 4 kids) gone.  Acting on Basri's
complaint, police stopped a car carrying the woman and another
individual on the Malatya - Adıyaman highway.  The woman's companion
showed an ID in the name of H.K. but a finger-print check revealed his
true identity - Adnan K., who is wanted for 4 crimes and has a 9 year,
3 month jail sentence pending.

It turned out that the woman is officially married to someone else. Both
she and Adnan K. were incarcerated in jail in Malatya.

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A First-hand Symposium on Kidnapping

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 April 2017)

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As their faces reflect, still a bit woozy at rescue time.

The family of Iraqi businessman Hafedh Hussain (58) reported to
Istanbul police on 15 April that Hussain, who is in the oil business,
had been invited to a 'symposium' in Istanbul.  Instead, he was
kidnapped and a ransom of $2.1 million demanded from his family.
Also kidnapped along with Hussain was another Iraqi, Prof. Dr. Saad
Abed Jasm.

The two Iraqis had arrived at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul on
13 Aprıl and settled into a hotel in the Taksim area of Istanbul.  The
next day the two, accompanied by another individual, took a taxi
to Fatih.  Thanks to the taxi driver's account, police determined that
the hostages were being held in a house on Muratpaşa Sokak in the
Molla Gürani neighborhood of Fatih.

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"How are we gonna spend our $2.1 million in this position?!"

Hussain's family showed police photographs of torture and a video
in which the kidnappers demanded the ransom.  Initially, the family
deposited $100,000 in a Baghdad foreign exchange bureau and asked
for 3 days to raise the rest of the ransom money.

The day before yesterday, police stormed the house and found Hussain
and Jasm with their hands and feet bound.  Hostage-takers Khaled
Ahmed (30), an Egyptian, and Rabah Abood (37), an Iraqi, were
captured.  The now former-hostages explained to police that they
had come from Baghdad believing they had been invited to a
symposium in Istanbul.

Four people in Baghdad, including the owner of the foreign exchange
bureau, were arrested there.

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                     Fatih district of Istanbul

20 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

Excess Visuals Doom Criminals

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 19 April 2017)

‘Yeşil saçlı kız’a uyuşturucu gözaltısı
  A profession that calls for a low profile. (Right?!)

In Bursa, police launched an investigation and recovered 5 kilograms
of hashish, various amounts of methamphetamines and 'bonzai' (ecstacy),
all purchased by users from a "girl with green hair".  In the ensuing
operation, 10 suspects were taken into custody, including green-haired

Working in the Yıldırım district of central Bursa, police noticed N.Ö.
and her green hair (how could they not?!).  She was put under surveillance
and when police saw that S.Y. drove to N.Ö.'s house with narcotics they
raided the house.  Along with the narcotics, police found guns and bullets,
scales to measure dope and money suspected of coming from drug sales,
amounting to 14,410 TL, $504 and promissory notes in the names of 13

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 April 2017)

           If the jacket fits you must NOT aquit.

In Antalya, security video at a mosque reflected a thief in action
while the congregation prayed.  The thief stole a jacket belonging
to Imam Emre Mermer at the 15 Temmuz Şehitler Mosque in the
Konyaaltı section of the city.

The thief stole a pair of shoes as he left the mosque, too. He also found
the key to Mermer's car in the pocket of the jacket and stole Mermer's
cellphone, charger and some money from the car before fleeing on
a motorcycle.

Mermer became aware of the theft when he reviewed the security
footage.  He then went to telephone stores on 100th Year Avenue in
search of his cellphone and found it at the 7th or 8th shop he stopped
at.  The thief had taken a selfie with the Imam's phone before selling
it and Mermer noted that the thief was wearing his stolen jacket in
the selfie (!).  Soon afterwards police picked up suspect A.G., who
is said to have robbed nearly 200 mosques.

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19 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba

Animal Edition: Bull, Frog

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 April 2017)

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Looking toward Brazil, our hero is homesick.

An Angus cow brought to Turkey from Brazil escaped while being
loaded on to a truck at the port of Mersin, creating quite a disturbance.
As chasers tried to catch the cow, the animal hit and damaged two cars
waiting at the port to be exported.

The crazed cow fell into the water and was dragged to shore by its
neck.  Once again on land the cow escaped anew and threatened the
firemen who had rescued it from the sea.  The animal was ultimately
sedated with 4 (!) injections at the end of its 5-hour escapade.

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 April 2017)

5 bin yıllık ‘üreme göçü’
     They're in the mood for love, ribbit ribbit.

In Domaniç district of Kütahya province, every Spring groups of
frogs migrate from the forest to a small lake where they mate.
En route, mostly at night, the frogs carry each other on their backs.

The frogs' trip to Palazoğlu Lake is marvelled at by both scientists
and drivers on the road the frogs follow. Prof. Abdullah Hasbenli
and Asst. Prof. Mehmet Erkan Uzunhisarcıklı of Gazi University,
along with 40 biology students, come to the area to study the
mating ritual, which is at least 5,000 years old.

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  Dominiç is Kütahya's northernmost district.