22 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi

Beats Up Drug Dealers, Gets 15 Months in Jail

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 January 2018)

Uyuşturucu satıcısını dövdü, 1.5 yıl hapis cezası aldı
               No good deed goes unpunished...

In Edirne, Feyyaz Doksat, the cousin of retired sergeant Tamer
Dindoruk (47) used the narcotic "bonzai" and argued with his older
brother Bülent Doksat.  Then, Tamer killed Bülent and his two
nephews İsmail (2) and Ertuğrul (9), as well as his niece Büşra (12).
In the aftermath of this incident, the neighborhood began a battle
against narcotics. 

An argument arose between M.T. and V.Y., who came to the
neighborhood to sell drugs, and Tamer Dindoruk, resulting in M.T.
and V.Y. filing complaints against Dindoruk (!) for battery. 
Consequently, Dindoruk was given a 15-month jail sentence and his
brother Ömer Dindoruk was fined 7,500 TL. 

A bewildered Tamer Dindoruk lamented that "a few days after the
murders, we argued with these two people who came to the neighborhood
to sell drugs.  They filed a complaint against me.  And even though
after the trial, which lasted 1.5 years, M.T. and V.Y. admitted to selling
drugs, I got a 15-month jail sentence for "simple assault" and my
brother was fined 7,500 TL.  I don't deserve this slander and penalty."

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Lady Judge: "Justice Will Not Be Delayed"

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 January 2018)

Judge Bağdır, the petite lady in the middle, a Justice League Hero!

Justice knows no impediment! In Andırın district of Kahramanmaraş
province, a judicial hearing was held last Wednesday in connection
with plans by the DSİ (state water authority) to nationalize land in
Çığsar village, 35 kilometers from Andırın.  The judge hearing the
case, Büşra Nur Bağdır, ruled that the trees on the land in question
would have to be examined so she prepared to go to the site with the
concerned personnel.

adalet gecikmez dedi karla kaplı yolu açtırdı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                    In snow plows we trust!

However, the young judge was told that the road to Çığsar was
closed because of snow.  Nevertheless , declaring that "justice
will not be delayed!", Judge Bağdır ordered the road to be cleared.
Right away, the municipality had snow plows dispatched to clear
the road, as Judge Bağdir and the Gendarmerie followed close
behind.  Undeterred by snow 50 centimeters high in some places, the
judge reached Çığsar, which is located at an altitude of 1,650 meters,
and made her judicial examinations.

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Andırın district is in far southwestern Kahramanmaraş province.

21 Ocak 2018 Pazar

Bullets on Windshields, Spoons in Bread

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 21 January 2018)

    Great way to start your morning commute!

In Konya, 16 drivers getting ready to drive to work in the morning
found bullets on their windshield wipers (!).  One of the residents of
the building where the bullets were left, Mehmet Eken, said that
"I got in the car to take my wife to work and noticed that there was a
bullet on the windshield.  Six months ago a bullet was left on one car's
windshield but now it's 16.  They're trying to intimidate us into leaving
this property."  Police are trying to find whoever it was who left the

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 21 January 2018)

fırından aldığı ekmekten kaşık çıktı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Taking a page out of the "Crackerjacks" marketing plan.

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     Kids just love that prize inside!

In Denizli's Merkezefendi district, factory worker Abdullah Çağdaş
got bread from the local bakery for breakfast but when Çağdaş opened
the bread there was a spoon inside it (!) and his friends put the picture
on social media.   The bakery drew criticism from the photo and
Çağdaş said that "there are threads sticking out of the bread and other
things.  We ignored them but a spoon could stick in our throats or
land in our stomachs.  I'll show them the spoon if they want to see it."
Bekir Karadaban, the head of the Denizli Bakers' Association, stated
that an investigation into the incident has begun. 

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Chain-Reaction Tragedies

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 21 January 2018)

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Pınar hanım, left, learned the hard way that, as they say, 
'things happen in threes'.

On 14 November 2014, Anşe Bilir had a nervous breakdown and was
taken to Karşıyaka State Hospital in Izmir.  Subsequently, the elderly
woman left the hospital wearing no shoes, only socks, and was never
heard from again.  Then, on 10 July 2015, father Remzi Bilir died of
a heart attack brought on by his wife's disappearance, at age 67.  Next,
on 31 October 2015, Pınar Bilir lost her older brother Harun Murat Bilir
(43) when he slit his wrists and committed suicide (!).

Having lost her entire family in the course of one year, Pinar Bilir held
the Ministry of Health responsible for the chain of tragedies, since her
mother was allowed to leave the state hospital unsupervised, and filed
a suit, asking for 500,000 TL (about $150,000) in compensation. 
Ultimately, the Administrative Court awarded Pınar hanım 50,000 TL.
Her lawyer, İhsan Yılmaz, objected to the small award, saying that
"The things that have happened to Pınar Bilir have never happened to
anyone else in Turkey.  She doesn't even have a grave she can visit to
pay respect to her mother.  After her mother's disappearance, the entire
family was wrecked.  Pınar hanım's sufferings have been quite severe.
That being the case, I find the 50,000 TL award to be quite insufficient."
He said they will file an appeal with the 'İstinaf' (appeals) Court to
have the award increased.

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20 Ocak 2018 Cumartesi

Armenian Plate from 1686 Sparks Rancor

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 January 2018)

patrikhanede 332 yıllık tabak krizi ile ilgili görsel sonucu
  Imagine eating Sivas kebap on this in 1686...yummy!

Serdar Cive, a native of Sivas province, now lives in Istanbul and
he has been trying to find out the provenance of a copper plate that has
been in his family for about 100 years.  One antique dealer told Cive
that the plate once belonged to the 'Karayan' family but Cive could not
find anyone from that family.  Another antique dealer told Cive that
the writing on the plate is Armenian and that it was made in 1686. This
dealer suggested that Cive get in touch with the Armenian Patriarch's
office in Turkey.

Cive then brought the plate to the Armenian Patriarch's office in
Kumkapı, Istanbul, where an official named Vağarşag Seropyan told
Cive that the plate came from the Surp Nişanyan Monastery in Sivas.
Cive explained that "when I told him (Seropyan) that I wanted to learn
the value of the plate, which belongs to my wife, and to sell it, he said
he would buy it himself.  On 16 November 2017, I brought the plate
to the Patriarchate and Seropyan said he would take the plate as a
gift and give me a gift in return.  This 'gift' turned out to be a letter
and 250 TL in an envelope." (!)

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Expected a bit more than 250 TL ($60) for a 332 year-old plate.

Bishop Aram Ateşyan of the Partriarchate stated that "He (Cive) was
given 250 TL in an envelope, despite the fact that no one asked him
to come, but he came back, saying that the plate was worth much more
and asserting that he had been hoodwinked. Our Patriarchate is willing
to return the plate on condition that the 250 TL and the letter of thanks
are given back to us.  In any case, the individual (Cive)'s name and
a photograph of the plate will be sent to the Culture Ministry.

Cive filed a complaint against Seropyan but the public prosecutor
ruled that since Cive gave the plate as a gift and received 250 TL
in return there was no hoodwinking involved. 

The Aziz Nişan Monastery in Sivas was built in the 11th century
between 1003 and 1022 by the son of King Senekerim, Adom-Aşod.
and was one of the most important Armenian places of worship for
a long time.  After the Armenians were expelled from Sivas in 1915,
the monastery was left to ruin and by the 1980's there was nothing
left of it.

surp nişan manastırı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Surp Nişan Monastery in Sivas, once upon a time.

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Adana Edition: Fake Hitchhikers & Fake Money

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 January 2018)

aşk vaadiyle gasp cono aşireti ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                      Bittersweet hitchhikers.

In Adana, 75 people (!) complained to the police that they had been
robbed after being lured with the promise of sex.   Of the 75, 21 said they
had been beaten and the total amount stolen was 155,000 TL (about
$35,000).  As a result, on 12 January a police force of 1,000 officers
raided the section of the city where the 'Cono Aşireti' (Cono Tribe) lives
and recovered 150,000 TL, 50,000 TL worth of gold and narcotics.  38
people were taken into custody, 28 of them women.

Prior to the raid, undercover police in various guises entered the
neighborhood, followed gang members and took videos.  Based on
this evidence, police determined that the tribe's women would stop
drivers by 'hitchhiking' and promise them sex.  As the driver and the
'hitchhiker' moved deeper into the neighborhood they were followed
by three cars full of male tribe members.  Once completely inside
the neighborhood, the drivers were surrounded and beaten, depending
on how willing they were to surrender their valuables.

The tribe even developed a 27-word codeword system for their activity.
For example, they themselves were called "manuş", victims "çaltı",
mugging "arşınlamak", and problems "carlatmak". 

  aşk vaadiyle gasp cono aşireti ile ilgili görsel sonucu 
Moms 'hitchhiked' after putting the kids down for naps.


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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 January 2018)

Köse and Mali citizen Thaore. Coincidentally, in Turkish
'mali' means 'financial', but in the 'real' sense.

In Seyhan district of Adana, Murat Köse (51) and Mali citizen
Lassana Thaore (44) wanted to pass counterfeit money.  However,
after they checked out of their hotel, the hotel's cleaning staff found
a bag filled with 504 200TL banknotes.  Thinking the banknotes
were real, the cleaners alerted hotel officials so the 'money' could
be returned to its rightful owners.

The hotel officials, though, suspected that the banknotes might
be fake so they called the police, who came and seized the 'money'.
The receptionist at the hotel informed police that Köse had paid
his bill with a credit card, telling her that he was a health official
and he gave her his personal card with his phone number on it,
as well (!).  Shortly afterwards, the counterfeiters were arrested.

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19 Ocak 2018 Cuma

Legal Eagle Photoshops With Naughty Intentions

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 18 January 2018)

Original banner on top and Özen's photoshopped version below.

Necmi Özen, the senior legal advisor for the Kocaeli municipality, has
put a scandalous posting on social media.  Özen photoshopped a
banner carried by CHP (opposition party) women that read "Hurray
for Women!" into "Freedom for Women! We Make Love with Impurity
and Run Around! What's it to you Tayyip (Erdoğan)?  Long Live

necmi özen ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Özen caught leafing through the Photoshop how-to manual.

Özen, who was an AKP (ruling party) candidate for Parliament in
2011, received the firmest rebuke from CHP Kocaeli Parliamentarian
Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet: "The name for this is perversion, vileness
and dishonor.  Don't you have a wife, a mother, a sister? Fix this
despicable thing immediately!  As I read it I was embarrassed but
the likes of Necmi Özen aren't ashamed to post such a thing.  Let
alone work in the Kocaeli Municipality, he has no right to mix
with decent people.  I call on Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu,
asking him, too, don't you have a wife, a mother, a sister? Take
care of this despicable act right away!"

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