18 Mart 2018 Pazar

Tragic Tale of Doomed Young Lovers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 March 2018)

bafra osman e belgin ş ile ilgili görsel sonucu
       Swept away...literally and figuratively.

In Samsun's Bafra district, at 22:30 the night before last Belgin Ş.
(15) and Osman E. (20) went out on the Çetinkaya Bridge over  the
Kızılırmak River, called '155' (911) and said "we can't be together
so we're jumping into the Kızılırmak and committing suicide."
After jumping and being dragged 50 meters by the current, Belgin
Ş. grabbed onto a bundle of driftwood and, as she tried to hold on
to Osman E., she cried out "Help! Is there anyone there? We're
freezing, help us!"

Nearby citizens heard her cries but could do nothing to help.  Bafra
firefighters rushed to the scene but had no boat.  After 45 minutes,
Osman E. made one last attempt to get onto the driftwood bundle
but in vain, as the couple was carried down the river.  In the morning
Belgin Ş.'s body was recovered but Osman E.'s has yet to be found.

Osman E., the married father of one child, had met Belgin Ş. when
he went to Bursa to work in a textile factory.  Upon his return to
Samsun, Belgin Ş. followed him and even attended Osman E.'s
wife's birthday party, as a 'work friend' of Osman E.

samsun haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

17 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

Gossipy Grandma's Murder Solved 6 Years Later

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 March 2018)

pembe b infaz fadime rukiye ile ilgili görsel sonucu
At that age she should have known "if you don't have 
something nice to say..."

In Kayseri, Pembe B. (82) was brutally murdered in what was
said to be a family execution.  The murder occurred on 28 April
2012 in Kayapınar village of Felahiye district, where Pembe B.
was found with 12 ax wounds, 6 stab wounds and her throat

The culprits were not found but in November 2017 the Kocasinan
district Gendarmerie Command re-opened the case, interviewing
82 individuals and eventually taking Pembe B.'s granddaughter
Fadime B. (24),  son Faruk B. (55) and daughter-in-law Songül B.
(56) into custody.  An arrest warrant was issued for another
granddaughter, Rukiye K., who married and moved abroad 2
years ago.

pembe b infaz fadime rukiye ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"To Grandmother's house we go, over her liver and 
through her head..."

The Gendarmerie learned in their investigation that Pembe B.
was killed because she was gossiping about her grandchildren.
Granddaughters Fadime B. and Rukiye K. went to Pembe B.'s
home in a rage about the gossip, argued with her and killed her
with knives and an ax.  Allegedly, their parents helped the girls.
Fadime B. has been jailed but Songül and Faruk B. were released.
A "red bulletin" has been issued for the capture of Rukiye K.

kayseri haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
           Felahiye district is way up north.

Subliminal Material Girl's Narco-Consonants

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 17 March 2018)

subliminal seems to be something in the air, or maybe the 

   What's in a name?...especially the consonants!

Prof. Faruk Aşıcıoğlu, the head of the Forensic Medicine Institute
at Istanbul University, has claimed that famous pop star Madonna,
the Spice Girls and jazz musician Louis Armstrong, who died in
1971, "used subliminal messages" with regard to narcotics. 
Aşıcıoğlu provided this information to Parliamentarians in the
Turkish Parliament's Commission on Narcotics and Dependency.

According to Aşıcıoğlu, "Madonna came to Turkey as part of her
world tour.  Take out the vowels from her name and you're left
with 'MDNN' - and the drug 'Ecstacy' has a substance 'MDMA' (!).
So, look at this secret subliminal message.  And Louis Armstrong
had an album named 'Muggles'.  I'm not saying anything bad about
the artist himself, but in that jazz album there are may words that
are complimentary of narcotics.  These things have to be controlled
somehow. Either you don't allow Madonna into Turkey with her
album or, at the very least, you only allow persons of a certain
age to be exposed to it."

faruk aşıcıoğlu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
May have gotten too close to research specimens...

16 Mart 2018 Cuma

On Leave From Jail, He Beats Up Mom

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 March 2018)

cezaevinden  çıktı annesini darp etti ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"Hey Mom, by the way, what do you want for Mother's
Day?" (said in between punches)

In Aydın's İncirliova district, a prisoner out on leave beat up his
mother (!).  B.Y. (35), wanted for various crimes, was put into
the Aydın E-type open prison last month.  Upon obtaining leave,
B.Y. met with his mother in a park in the Cumhuriyet neighborhood.
Because his mother had previously filed a complaint against her
son for beating and threatening, B.Y. wanted his mother to retract
her complaint.

When the mother refused, B.Y. beat her up and fled the scene.
However, a citizen recorded the incident on a telephone.  The
mother was helped by passers-by, obtained a report related
to her injuries and again filed a complaint against her son at the
police station.  With his leave period expired, B.Y. was put back
in prison (!).

aydın haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

15 Mart 2018 Perşembe

Hoodwinker Escapes to Uruguay

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 March 2018)

sıla aydın ile ilgili görsel sonucu
      Latter-day virtual Bonnie and Clyde.

Mehmet Aydın, who bilked tens of thousands of people with his
"Çiftlik Bank" (Farm Bank) internet site's promise of high
profits, has a temporary Uruguayan ID card.  The address Aydın
gave to his lawyers is "Barrio Carrasco Av. Rivera 72/32
Montevideo, Uruguay."  Aydın obtained the temporary ID card
on 9 August 2017.

Yesterday, Aydın's 20-year-old wife Sıla Aydın surrendered to
the Geyve (district in Sakarya province) Public Prosecutor. Also,
the firm's CEO Cemal Çolak was arrested.  In total, Aydın
collected about 500 million TL (about $100 million) from
77,843 individuals in various provinces.  The Çiftlik Bank
distributed 393.3 million TL to 62,877 members and the rest of
the money was deposited in Aydın and his wife's bank account.

In December 2017, Aydın turned over control of the company
to others and disappeared with millions of lira.  CHP Bursa
Parliamentarian Erkan Aydın has asked Customs and Trade
Minister Bülent Tüfenkçi how Aydın could have been allowed
to leave the country.  Meanwhile, the Istanbul Anatolia Public
Prosecutor has appointed a caretaker for all Çiftlik Bank offices
in Turkey.

turkey uruguay map ile ilgili görsel sonucu

14 Mart 2018 Çarşamba

Dreaming of Europe, Raped in Istanbul

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 March 2018)

fidye için kaçırıp tecavüz ettiler esenler ile ilgili görsel sonucu
      Creatures from humanity's underbelly.

Ş.E. (18) came to Turkey from Pakistan illegally in order to go
to Europe and was staying with a group in Esenler, Istanbul, when
he was kidnapped on 22 February.  His kidnappers held Ş.E. at
a house in Pendik, Istanbul, and demanded $50,000 from his
brother, who works in Saudi Arabia.

The older brother sent $6,000 but the kidnappers demanded more
from the family in Pakistan and got another 40,000 TL (about
$10,000).  But Istanbul police were contacted by famliy relative
F.B.K. and after police interrogated Ş.E.'s housemate they raided
the house in Pendik, arresting Rızvan Khan (23) and Fuad Ali (26).

During their interrogation Khan and Ali implicated Ş.E.'s
housemate Ashvan Muhammed Amn (25), who was taken into
custody, as well. Ş.E., who was freed in the operation, had been
raped by his captors (ugh!).

  pendik haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                     Pendik district of Istanbul


Foreign Affairs Edition: Zambia Bans Blow-up Dolls

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 March 2018)

Şişme bebek savaşı
     Can they file for unemployment insurance?

In the African country of Zambia, the Minister for National
Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili, has
announced that the sale and use of blow-up dolls is illegal. (!)
According to the Minister, the prohibition of blow-up dolls
falls under the following scope of restrictions against "the
production of obscene materials and items, their possession,
import, sale and exhibition."

Violators are subject to a jail sentence of up to 5 years. In
explaining the rationale for the ban, Minister Sumaili
explained that "God created men and women to satisfy sexual
needs but these inanimate things are immoral."  On the other
hand, the leader of the liberal party, Sean Tembo, countered
that "some men have an inferiority complex.  Also, using
blow-up dolls for sex  helps to reduce the incidence of AIDS."

şişme bebekleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu
     But what if you're already married?