17 Ekim 2017 Salı

'Bizzaro' Weinstein

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 17 October 2017)

Rektörden tepki çeken  ‘haram’ paylaşımı
Sort of Weinstein' mirror image. Nevertheless, the resemblance...

The Dean of Adıyaman University, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Talha Gönüllü,
has posted a message on social media referring to certain books and
'hadis' (words or actions attributed to the Prophet Muhammed) as
examples that justify the belief that a man and woman who are not
married should not shake hands or be left alone.

In his post Dr. Gönüllü says that "it is improper for a man and a woman
who are not married to touch each other or be alone together.  And since
looking at a woman one is not married to is forbidden then, of course,
touching them or being alone with them is prohibited.  The Holy
Prophet intimated that holding the hand of a foreign woman is more
terrible than touching fire.  He signaled that one who does so will grasp
the fire of Hell."

                                     ...is uncanny.

(Predictably), Gönüllü's post drew strong reactions on social media,
which prompted him to post this: "situations that occur in hidden places
and, in fact, sometimes in public areas make one worry about the future
of our community.  The 'ayets' (verses of the Koran) and 'hadis' are
applicable throughout the universe.  It is the duty of every Moslem
wherever they are to share these 'ayets' and 'hadis'.  If the ones you know
are limited then have others who know more examples share them.  We
know that anyone who opposes this is anti-Moslem."

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16 Ekim 2017 Pazartesi

No-Gun Weddings; Akido-Savvy Caregivers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 October 2017)

Mermi parası öğrencilere  kalem ve silgi olacak
Osmaniye's NRA chapter must be asleep at the switch.

In Osmaniye, a campaign has begun against the firing of guns at weddings,
which kills or wounds many innocent people.  The village chiefs leading
the campaign stated that "firing weapons at weddings ruins the joyous
atmosphere.  Instead of buying bullets, spend the money on children's

In this regard, at the wedding of Emine and Mikail Canbolat in the
Şekerdere neighborhood posters were raised with the following messages:
"This wedding is safe because no guns have been fired!", "Say 'no' to guns,
no bullets in the sky!" and "No to love of guns!"  The Gendarmerie and
the village chiefs handed out stationary items for school to about 100
children.  The items were purchased with the money that would otherwise
have been spent on bullets.

Ali Kama, a village chief living 15 kilometers from the city center, said
that "we don't want to see anyone hurt by bullets fired by a reckless
person.  We hope that what we're doing here will spread across the
nation."  (ed. comment: figure the odds.)

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 October 2017)

Aile Hekimliği Derneğinden doktorlara aikido dersi
"Ouch!"..."Just take two aspirins and call me in the morning."

Because of the recent rise in violence against doctors (!) across the
country, doctors in Bursa have begun learning aikido to protect
themselves.  Male and female doctors of the 500-member Bursa
Family Doctors Association have been taking aikido lessons twice
a week for two hours for the past three months.

Association President Ali Torun explained that "violence against
health professionals who provide health services to our citizens
cannnot be tolerated.  The state has to take effective measures
in this regard because it's clear that the measures taken so far are
just eyewash.  That's why we're having our members take aikido
lessons to defend themselves."

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Don't You Know Who I Am!?

//ed. note: internet version unavailable.//

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 October 2017)

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             I'm important and you're not.

In Etiler, Istanbul, Samet S. (28) works as a salesperson at a glassware
shop in a shopping center.  Samet parked his motorcycle in the shopping
center's parking lot but when he left work he found his motorcyle
overturned and damaged.  Video images showed that the person who
had hit Samet's motorcycle was singer Ayşegül Aldinç. 

Aldinç reluctantly came to the police station with her mother and
scolded Samet, saying "Have you done your military service?! We had
to come all the way down here because of you! Aren't you ashamed of
stealing our time like this?!"  Aldinç's mother added "I pray and every
day I'll call a curse down upon you!"

Claiming that he had not been compensated for the damage to his bike
and that he had been humiliated by Aldinç and her mother, Samet filed
a suit against them asking for 500 TL in psychological damages and
830 TL in physical damages.  Samet stated that he had been humiliated
by the singer's attitude and words, making him feel that he was a
worthless person, undeserving of attention.

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From Ayşegül's latest fashion line.

15 Ekim 2017 Pazar

Ancient Olive Trees Transplanted, Thriving

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 October 2017)

Bin Yıllık Zeytin Ağacını Söküp, 'İnşallah Tutar' Diyerek Antalya’ya Diktiler
       I think that I shall never see 
          A poem lovely as a tree.

Two olive trees, 800 and 1,200 years old (!), respectively, were
transported from Akhisar district of Manisa province two years ago to
the Vakıf Zeytinliği (VZ/Olive Tree Trust) in Antalya.  The trees were
removed from a field in Akhisar to make way for the Istanbul-Izmir
highway now under construction. 

Both trees are thriving in their new home and 5 kilograms of olives
were harvested from each tree this year.  The trees were moved at
the initiative of the  Antalya Ticaret Borsası (Antalya Commerce
Market/ATB) and VZ's Vahdet Narin noted that the trees had thus
been saved from the wood pile, adding that "touching a 1,200 year-
old tree gives a person a special joy." 

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             1,000 year-old olives.

Donkey Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 October 2017)

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Actually, the statue is ass-backwards - should be a human moron.

The Eskişehir municipality has put a statue entitled "Donkey Spewing
Sunflower Seeds" on the bank of the Porsuk Creek as a comical effort
to shame those who spoil the environment.  Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen
explained that "most of our citizens are sensitive  about he value of
Porsuk Creek so based on their complaints we wanted to draw attention
to the matter in a funny way."

On the other hand, some citizens noted that "animals don't spoil the
environment, people do.  The message the statue gives is good but it's
a bit of an insult to donkeys." (!)

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 15 October 2017)

                                Who's the boss?

In Mardin, a young man who began working as a contract employee
for the Artuklu municipality after finishing university is cleaning the
streets of Artuklu with a donkey that is a full-fledged municipal
employee (!). 

Şehmus Uytun wanted to become a policeman after graduating from
the Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty at Artuklu University,
Instead, he took a contract job with the municipality through the
municipal employment agency İŞKUR and has two months remaining
on his contract. 

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14 Ekim 2017 Cumartesi

Another Brick in the Wall of Equality

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 October 2017)

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                      Ladies hitting the bricks.

Hülya Dadandı and Emine Dilli live in Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon
and they make their living by transporting bricks to various districts of
Trabzon, Rize, Giresun and Ordu provinces.  Their customers prefer them
because they are so hard-working.  Each day the two women load and
unload 30,000 bricks (!).

Dadandı (38), the mother of 2 children, has been transporting bricks for
14 years to help with her family's budget.  With regard to the physical
aspect of the job, Dadandı said that "it cannot be said that we're very
strong but in the end we're Black Sea women. In some areas they're
surprised to see us but mostly they've gotten used to us."

Her partner Dilli (43), also the mother of 2 children, has been
transporting bricks for 6 years and explained that "I saw that my
friends were transporting bricks one day so I said 'can I work too?'.
They said 'sure', so that's when I started.  Some say it's men's work
but these days there's no difference between men's and women's
work. Everyone can do the job."

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7-Hour Holding Pattern to Nowhere

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 October 2017)

THY uçağı geri döndü
         Coffee, tea or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

The Turkish Airlines (THY) İstanbul-Montreal flight took off from
Atatürk Airport yesterday at 1530 hours.  Shortly afterwards, though,
the pilot of the Airbus 330 aircraft gave the airport tower a signal
indicating that there was a sick passenger on board. The pilot began
to dump fuel over the Sea of Marmara in order to land back at Atatürk
but the process went on longer than expected.

The plane circled and dumped fuel but did not land at Atatürk until
22.55 hours (!).  Experts contacted by HaberTürk surmised that there
must have been a problem with the dumping system.  THY later
announced that "A 16 year-old girl on our Istanbul-Montreal flight
became ill after take-off so, considering the importance of our
passenger's health, the decision was made for the aircraft to return to
Istanbul.  In order to make a safe landing at Atatürk the plane had to
reach a certain weight, making the holding pattern necessary."

Planes landing with heavy weight can put undue pressure on the
landing gear so dumping fuel is a necessary precaution, although it
should only take about 30 minutes.  A pilot commented to HaberTürk
that "it would be technically possible for this plane to land with its
take-off weight.  There's nothing in the literature about a 7-hour
holding pattern.  If the dumping system was working the plane
could have dumped 1 ton of fuel per minute - it took-off with 230
tons and the minimum weight for landing is 185 tons but there are
special procedures in certain cases like this one.  The tires could
explode if there is too much weight. If the runway had been short
and icey I could understand this concern but the runway was dry."

Former THY Managing Director and pilot Mustafa Kolko
opined that "A plane can land with its same take-off weight.  If
there's a fire in an engine does the pilot jump out in a parachute?!
There's no sense flying in a 7-hour holding pattern. Even if the
tires blow out, land the plane! If there's a death on the plane the
aircraft lands at the nearest airport. This holding pattern doesn't
seem logical to me."

After finally landing at Atatürk at 22.55 hours, the passengers took
off again for Montreal at 0100 hours in a new plane, although 16
of them had had enough flying time and decided not to go.

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On second thought, make that 14 30-minute holding patterns.