25 Mayıs 2017 Perşembe

Istanbul Edition: Frida Kahlo Tatoo; Uzbek Hookers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 May 2017)

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The resemblance is uncanny...except for the eyes.

In Istanbul, an epilation scandal ended up at the police station.  Nazlı K.
(22) went to a beauty salon in Avcılar for laser epilation.  When she returned
for a second treatment a new employee named Yasemin performed the
treatment and ruined the tatoo of Frida Kahlo (!) on Nazlı K.'s arm.  Although
Nazlı K. experienced pain and distress, Yasemin continued the laser treatment.

Nazlı K. got a hospital report to confirm her injuries and went to the police
station to file a complaint against Yasemin.  In her statement, Nazlı K. said
that "the person doing the laser treatment was inept because even I know that
you don't put a laser on a tatoo.  And even though I told her to stop, she didn't.
I have burns and blisters now but most importantly my Frida Kahlo tatoo was

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       Avcılar district of Istanbul.


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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 May 2017)

İstanbul Pendik
           We're not in Uzbekistan anymore...

The night before last in Pendik district of Istanbul, Uzbeks M.A. and D.A.
were taken into custody on charges of prostitution.  After visiting the police
station, the women were taken to Pendik State Hospital for a health exam.
After the exam, while police were taking M.A. and D.A. back to the
Çamçeşme police station they noticed a car following them.

When the police car stopped in front of the police station, D.A. fled to the
side streets and M.A. got into the car that was following the police car.
As the car pulled away police fired at it but the car disappeared.  Soon
afterwards, police learned that the car had come to a hospital for treatment
of two injured passengers.

At the hospital police found pimp Yunus Çelik and M.A.  Subsequently,
Çelik was transferred to Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital where he succumbed
his gunshot wounds.  M.A.'s condition is said to be serious.  Police later
captured C.B., F.K.   R.S., the policeman who fired on the fleeing car
was taken into custody, as well (!).  D.A. was captured later on.

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               Pendik district of Istanbul.


24 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba

Extraordinary Incidents Edition

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 May 2017)

Image result for köpek gezdirme ahmet selçuk atasoy
Embarrassed to have killed someone for such a stupid reason.

Ahmet Selçuk Atasoy (62) took his dog out for a walk yesterday morning at
around 6 o'clock in a park in the Muratpaşa district of Antalya.  As he walked
his dog, Atasoy was chastised by Erol Karayel (55), who lives in an apartment
house next to the park. Karayel said to Atasoy "you're walking your dog at this
hour of the morning!?  We can't sleep because of the barking! Don't walk your
dog in this park!"

An argument ensued and Karayel came out of his house with a gun and shot
Atasoy 7 times, killing him.  Karayel was taken into custody and a friend of
Atasoy's came to take the dog back to Atasoy's house.

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 May 2017)

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    "Have I got a nice surprise for you!"

In Bakırköy, Istanbul, two people dressed as cargo deliverers knocked on
the door of a luxury villa on 9 May and announced that "we have cargo for
you."  Upon entering the house the suspects hit Moldovan maid Olesea C.
and then threatened homeowner E.E.

The intruders demanded the cipher for the strongbox from E.E., whom they
handcuffed to a closet door.  Having no other choice, E.E. surrendered the
cipher and the bandits took $50,000 in cash and $250,000 worth of jewelry.
After the robbers fled a gardener came and freed E.E., who called police.

After reviewing surveillance video, police determined the vehicle the
suspects used.  Before long, police took Moldovan maid Olesea C.,
Moldovan Luri C. (40), Bulgarian Mihail F. (58) and Mustafa M. (27) into
custody.  Three stolen watches found at the suspects' home were also
confiscated by police.

Image result for bakırköy haritası
               Bakırköy district of Istanbul

Ivanka's Ari Onassis?

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 May 2017)

Waiting (impatiently) in the wings, oblivious to Jared.

During U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, one of the
Kingdom's rich businessmen sent Saudi King Selman a video proposal for the
hand of Ivanka Trump: "I am Bedir Fehd Abdullah.  I request from King
Selman that he give me Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka with God's
permission and the Prophet's promise."

Ivanka is currently married to Jared Kushner, whom Trump has made a senior
White House advisor.  She is also the mother of their two children.

Image result for ivanka jared saudi arabia
Does Bedir Fehd Abdullah know something we don't?!

23 Mayıs 2017 Salı

Extraordinary Accidents Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 May 2017)

Image result for honaz fatmanur bağbakan
             Long way down.

Emre Kumlu (22), who both works for the Denizli municipality and
attends Pamukkale University, was driving his car at 4 in the morning
the night before last when it broke down on the Denizli Kalesi mountain
road in the Honaz district of the province.  Inside the car were friends
Fatmanur Bağbakan (19), Ayşegül Öner (21) and Kader Güldaş (20).

Kumlu tried to 'jump-start' the car by pushing it, planning to get back
in the car once the motor started.  However, the car gained speed on
an incline, Kumlu could not get back in and the car plunged off a
75-meter high cliff.  Fatmanur and Ayşegül were seriously injured in
the accident and Kader died.  Kumlu was taken into custody.

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 23 May 2017)

Image result for vagonun üstünde fotoğraf ölüm getirdi ebru demir
                 Ebru and her last train.

In Eskişehir, high school student Ebru Demir (16) wanted to get atop
a freight train car and have her picture taken at the Enveriye station.
Unfortunately, Ebru came in contact with a 30,000 volt high-tension
wire (!) and was seriously injured.  She died en route to Eskişehir
Osmangazi University Hospital.  Ebru's  friend Ekrem Lale (17), who
tried to save her, is currently being treated for his injuries.

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22 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi

Toothache Turns Deadly With Friend's Advice

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 May 2017)

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    Arzık even considered self-dentistry.

Misuse of a medicine nearly killed Naifi Arzık. In December Arzık went
to the Izmir Dental Training Hospital because of a long-standing pain in
a tooth.  After examination it turned out that Arzık had an abscess in a
tooth but it could not be dealt with immediately.  Arzık was given an
antibiotic to take but, nevertheless, the tooth pain did not ease.

So, based on the advice of a friend (!), Arzık put a flu pill between his teeth
and pressed.  At first, the pain eased so he tried the same thing the next
day.  But Arzık's face suddenly began to swell and he could not leave the
house for three days, until his family took him to the Bozyaka Training
and Research Hospital.

Doctors determined that the tooth abscess had burst from the pressure of
the flu pill and the infection had spread to his chest.  Drs. Hasan Ersöz and
İbrahim Taylan operated on Arzık for 7 hours to open his chest and fully
purge the infection.  Arzık was unconscious for 65 of the 85 days he spent
in intensive care.

Dr. Ersöz commented that "this illness is 90% deadly because the infection
had spread to the most dangerous parts of his body.  Now, though, he's fine."

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