19 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi

Shepherd Now Tending VIP Herds in The Hamptons

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 February 2018)

                       With fellow Anatolians.

When Zeynel (Zach) Erdem was 11-years-old and a shepherd
in Erzincan he saw a photo of Manhattan lying on the railroad
tracks and made New York his quest.  Ten years later, with $200
in his pocket, Zeynel went to New York and lived in Central Park
for his first 6 months.  Finally, Zach, as he is known in America,
landed a job at the famous restaurant Nello.

Erdem, now 36, explained that he went to Istanbul, where his older
brother was working, and made it through high school and college
there.  After landing in New York, with barely any money and no
English, Erdem eventually found himself in the Hamptons, New
York's Bodrum, where he got a job at the '75 Main' restaurant.

                  He's not in Erzincan anymore.

Now, Erdem owns '75 Main', Kozu, Summer House and AM
Southhampton and a boutique hotel called Hotel ZE, where former
U.S. VP Joe Biden stays when he comes to the Hamptons each
summer.  Erdem said that when the Kardashians were looking for
a place to film their show, residents started a "We Don't Want the
Kardashian Sisters Here" campaign.  He, however, welcomed
them with open arms at '75 Main' and they've been friends ever

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Holy Exploitation! Minister Slams Faith-product Peddlers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 February 2018)

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Hey, it's cheaper than going all the way to Saudi Arabia.

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci had criticized
commercials on TV and radio for products that exploit
religious feelings, such as pain creams, prayer books, Kâbe
aromas and black cumin creams.  Tüfenkci directed his
ministry's Advertisement Council to impose administrative
sanctions on the products and their sponsors.

Noting that these products are proffered by individuals
wearing religious garb, Tüfenkci declared that "these people
are harming consumers' economic situation and playing around
with their health."  He added that he has had the faith-based
peddlers made known to the Ministry of Health and public
prosecutors, as well as asking RTÜK (radio-TV regulating
authority) to shut down the TV and radio channels where
these commercials are promulgated.

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                           On sale now!

18 Şubat 2018 Pazar

Aflac Ensures Fish Market's Success in Edirne

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 February 2018)

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                  If it walks like a duck...

In Edirne, a duck named 'Beti' was about to be butchered when
some fish-sellers bought Beti and made her the market's mascot.
One of the fish-sellers, Feridun Bistiren, explained that "we met
Beti by accident.  As the chicken-seller was passing by our
market, Beti stuck her head out of a sack and looked at us.  So
we said 'let's by her' and we paid 30 TL.  She's our mascot and
kids love her."

Fish-seller Nurhayat Eren said "We weren't willing to let Beti
be butchered so we bought her."  Ahmet Kıyak, who came from
nearby Bulgaria to shop, said that upon seeing Beti he decided
to buy some fish. 

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17 Şubat 2018 Cumartesi

One Letter of the Law Saves Killer, For Now

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 February 2018)
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             A Mustafa by any other name...

In Pendik, Istanbul, high school student Helin Palandöken (17)
was murdered as she left school and the first hearing in the case
resulted in a scandal that postponed the hearing. 

Palandöken posted on social media that "I have a secret platonic
admirer.  I'm afraid to leave my house."  and on 13 October 2017
she was shot dead by her former boyfriend Mustafa Yetgin as
she left school.  Yesterday at the first hearing of the case the
suspect's lawyer said that the person who had been brought to
court was not her client. (!) 

It turned out that because of a similarity in names, the wrong
person was brought to court.  So although Palandöken's friends
Cemil Yıldız and Deniz Morsümbül were ready to testify and
Murders Against Women Platform representatives, as well
as officials from the Family and Social Policy Ministry were
present, the hearing had to be postponed.

Officials  from the nearby Maltepe Prison  had brought Mustafa
Yetkin to court, rather than murder suspect Mustafa Yetgin. (!)

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Treasure Hunter's Alter Ego: 'Blackheart the Pirate'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 February 2018)

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Mother-daughter cancer victims. At least, suffering is
over now.

In Kocaeli, Ecem Balcı (17), who has been missing for 42 days,
was killed by Süleyman Kara, the boyfriend of Ecem's mother
Esra Ercömert (41), who committed suicide by leaping onto
shoreline rocks on 14 January because she couldn't bear the
loss of her daughter.

Kara, a treasure hunter (!), lured Ecem to a forest with the
promise of giving her a crown he found during his excavations.
Both Ecem and her mother Esra were battling cancer. Gökhan
Balcı, Ecem's father and Esra's former husband, related that on
the day of her death Ecem had told her boyfriend that "Süleyman
found an historic crown. We're going to be rich!"  Ecem then
went to meet Kara in the forest to get the crown he promised her.

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Treasure Hunter Süleyman Kara

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The resemblance is uncanny...

After murdering Ecem, Kara put the girl's SIM card in his own
phone and used it for two days. (!)  Traffic video reflected Kara
driving to Ayvazpınar village, where the forest is located. 
Faced with mounting evidence, Kara confessed to the murder.
His son Emin and Kara's siblings Yusuf, Kezban and Sultan
Kara were also taken into custody, along with Emin's friend

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